sd-webui-prompt-all-in-one is an extension based on stable-diffusion-webui that aims to improve the user experience of the prompt/negative prompt input box. It has a more intuitive and powerful input interface, provides automatic translation, history and collection functions, and supports multiple languages to meet the needs of different users.


Intuitive Input Interface

Provides a more intuitive and powerful input interface, with bilingual prompt displays for easy understanding.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translates prompt/negative prompt, supporting multiple languages.

Multiple Translation Services

Dozens of online translations and offline translation models available.

Multilingual Support

Supports translation in most languages spoken around the world, allowing you to use prompts in any language.

History Records

Automatically records changes in prompt/negative prompt.


One-click bookmarking and batch bookmarking of your favorite prompt/negative prompt.

Quick Adjustments

Drag and adjust prompt positions, one-click increase/decrease prompt weights, one-click delete, disable, translate, or bookmark prompts.

Batch Operations

Select multiple prompt/negative prompt with a box, one-click delete, translate, or bookmark them.


Generate prompts using ChatGPT.

Forbidden Word Blacklist

Set up a blacklist to automatically filter forbidden words.

Add Keywords with One Click

Thousands of keywords available, simply click to use.


More features waiting to be discovered.